WWH currently offers two mains services being

  1. the Wakai Waian Healing Mental Health Stepped Care Service (a Primary Health Network funded service for vulnerable and underserviced groups) and
  2. the Wakai Waian Healing General Psychology Counselling and Mental Health Worker Clinic.
Mental Health Stepped Care Service in Central Queensland

Wakai Waian Healing is now delivering Mental Health Stepped Care Services in Central Queensland.  Consumers who utilise this service can receive funding support from Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network if eligible.

This service seeks to offer a flexible hierarchy of tailored interventions matched to an individual’s needs. Mental Health Stepped care is about ensuring that people can access the most appropriate services at any given time – including the ability to step up and down to different levels of care as their needs vary.

Under Mental Health Stepped Care services there are six levels or streams that can be accessed by the community. More information on these streams/levels can be found at https://www.ourphn.org.au/mental-health/stepped-care

Wakai Waian Healing is providing services for the following Streams/Levels;

-Low Intensity Mental Health Services (Stream 1)
-Child and Youth Mental Health Services (Stream 2)
-Psychological Therapies for Underserviced and Hard to Reach Groups Services (Stream 3)
-Primary Mental Health Care for people with Severe Mental Illness Services (Stream 4)
-Suicide Prevention Aftercare Services (Stream 5); and
-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Social and Emotional Wellbeing Services (Stream 6)

General Service Information
  • We can provide services in both community settings or in the client’s home.
  • Our services can occur either as face to face individual sessions, group sessions, and via telephone, Skype or other videoconferencing technology
  • Our services will be provided during regular standard business hours however with flexibility to provide services on occasions outside these times depending on need.
Our Staff

In order to provide a choice for consumers Wakai Waian Healing attempts to provide a variety of capable, professional and culturally safe staff. Information on our staff can be found here.

Enhanced Service Focus: Low-intensity Mental Health Services

WWH does have an enhanced focus on providing Low-intensity Mental Services for those that may fall within the underservices groups. These services are primarily provided by our competent and capable Mental Health Worker Staff.

Essential features of low intensity mental health services include the following:

  • Is a form of early intervention;
  • Is targeted at lower intensity mental health needs;
  • Provides evidence based psychological intervention (e.g. cognitive behaviour therapy, CBT) to people with, or at risk of, mild mental illness (primarily anxiety and/or depressive disorders);
  • Is a high quality service that Consumers can access easily and directly, with or without needing a third party referral (i.e. can self-refer), (while noting that it is best practice to involve a general practitioner (GP) in overall health and mental health care;
  • Is offered in a variety of delivery formats (e.g. individual, group, telephone and web-based services, face-to-face, and combinations of modalities);
  • Is offered at the right frequency and volume of service to meet the needs of Consumers with, or at risk of, mild mental illness
  • Draws from a broad workforce, whilst ensuring workforce skills, qualifications and supervision arrangements are appropriate for the level of service being delivered
  • Is consistent with relevant standards and legislative/regulatory requirements and align with standards articulated in the National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010;
  • Aligns with the National Framework for Recovery Oriented Mental Health Services 2013;
  • Provides a links to other services within a stepped care approach to ensure Clients are matched to a service commensurate with their mental health need;

As part of a Stepped Care Approach, our Low-intensity mental health services aim to increase overall community access to evidence based psychological intervention for people with, or at risk of, mild mental illness who do not require the traditional services provided through existing primary mental health care intervention pathways.

Our Low-intensity Mental Health Services are premised on the principles of early intervention, support self-management, emphasise skill development, are short-term, highly focused and provide a key service platform within a stepped care approach.

Our Low-intensity Mental Health Services are brief psychological interventions with reduced contact with a low intensity mental health worker, where the focus is on a shared definition of the presenting problem, and the low intensity mental health worker facilitates and supports the use of a range of self-help materials. The role adopted by the low intensity mental health worker is one of coach or facilitator. Examples include: facilitated and non-facilitated self-help, computerised CBT, physical activity programmes, group-based peer support (self-help) programmes, and psychoeducational groups. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2017).

Eligibility Criteria

While there are some specific criteria to be eligible to receive Mental Health Stepped services the intent is for this criteria to be as flexible and accommodating as possible for communities. Primarily, the Mental Health Stepped Care Service seeks to provide support to the following under serviced consumers who might fall into the following groups:

  • Rural and remote residents;
  • People from Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • People who are members of the LGBTI community
  • Women with Perinatal Depression
  • People who are financially disadvantaged
  • People who Victims of Domestic Violence
  • People who are or at risk of being homeless

Accessing this service and making a referral

All referrals will require the completion of a PHN Mental Health Intake Form a copy of this form can be found here. For referral that come direct to Wakai Waian Healing we are happy to support the completion of these forms.

Most referrals will require a GP Mental Health Plan from your treating Medical Doctor or a referral from a treating Health Professional.

Referrals for Low Intensity Services do not initially require a GP Mental Health treatment plan. However, consumers following their first appointment and assessment may be requested to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

All referrals (including self referrals) can either be sent direct to Wakai Waian Healing of the CQ PHN Intake Team on the below details;

For referral direct to Wakai Waian Healing these are the available options;

Fax: 07) 4829 4011
Email: referralscq@wakai-waian.com.au
Postal: P.O. Box 4080, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700.
In person: Level 1, 8 Archer St, Tobruk House, Rockhampton.

Or, for referrals via the CQ PHN Intake Team these are available options;

Fax: 1300 787 494
Phone: 1300 747 724
Email: mentalhealthintake@ourphn.org.au
Medical Objects: MENTAL HEALTH CQ PHN (PC4558000B1), or  MENTAL HEALTH WB PHN (PW45580006G), or MENTAL HEALTH SC PHN (PS4558000Y8).

Note: If you would like your referral to go to Wakai Waian Healing via the CQ PHN Intake Team please address any correspondence to ‘For Attention Wakai Waian Healing’.

Further Information or Questions

For further information or questions, on our Mental Health Stepped Care Services in Central Queensland Wakai Waian Healing can be contact on the below details;

Freecall: 1800 732 850  and select option #1 (Rockhampton Office)
Email: enquiries@wakai-waian.com.au
In Person: Level 1, 8 Archer St, Tobruk House, Rockhampton

Note: Your contact with us is treated as confidential and we respect your rights to private, confidential and safe service. Further information on our Privacy and confidentiality and Information Management Policies can be requested via the above details.

Feedback/ Compliments/Complaints

Wakai Waian Healing is committed to providing an effective, responsive, safe, and cultural respectful service. If you have any feedback you wish to provide our service this can be done by contacting us on the below details;

Freecall: 1800 732 850  and select option #1 (Rockhampton Office)
Email: enquiries@wakai-waian.com.au
In Person: Level 1, 8 Archer St, Tobruk House, Rockhampton
Confidential Feedback can also be provided by sending information to the following options;

Our Staff

We see local staff as important and employee local Mental Health Worker Trainee’s and staff, who are supplement with experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Psychologists and Counsellors. More information on our staff can be found at www.wakai-waian.com.au

Edward Mosby

Psychologist and Founder

Edward was born in the Torres Strait on Waiben (also known as Thursday Island), traditional land and sea’s of the Kaurareg people, however his family connections and home is Masig (also known as Yorke Island), traditional land and sea’s of the Masigalgal people.

After leaving the Torres Strait at a very young age he was raised in and around the township of Taroom (on the Traditional lands of the Yiman people) in South West Queensland and most recently has resided in Central Queensland, specifically Rockhampton on the Traditional lands of the Dharumbal people.

Edward holds full registration as a Generalist Psychologist and is currently the Principal Psychologist and Director of Wakai Waian Healing. He has worked in both State Government Mental Health Services and Indigenous Community based organisations. He is a member of Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA), the Australian Indigenous Psychologist Association (AIPA) and the Australian Psychologist Society (APS).

Joe Sproats


Joe identifies as an Aboriginal (Ngarigo) and Australian South Sea Islander (Lifou) with Irish and English bloodlines. He was born in Melbourne on Bun Wurrung lands and was raised in a white predominantly Irish Catholic household. Joe moved to Queensland 1979 and has lived here since, mostly residing around Ingham and Yarrabah in North Queensland.

Joe studied both Clinical and Organisational psychology and completed a research Master of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Social Policy and currently is fully registered as a Generalist Psychologist. Joe has held a number of management positions in the early part of his career with organisations in the Commonwealth, State, community and private sectors. In 2009 he established Dreamtime Learning his own full-time consultancy practice in Management, Training and Planning. In addition, in 2014 he established Dreamtime Counselling and Coaching Service to provide specialist Indigenous Counselling to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander people.

Joe has experience in working with First Nations People with a disability, working for Endeavour Foundation for five years in Mackay, and being the first manager of the Disability Service Program in Townsville when the Disability Services Act (1986) was initiated. Joe has held a range of voluntary positions on Boards and Committees within Queensland and has previously been a member of the Queensland Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Joe is an experienced Psychologist who is passionate about the empowerment and healing of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander Peoples.

Julyess Jarvis

Team Leader
Mental Health Stepped Care Service

Julyess was born in Rockhampton, Central Queensland and is a descendent of the Kuinmarrburra clan of the Dharumbal Nation traditional owners of the Rockhampton region and also the Yiman people of Taroom.

After gaining his year 12 Certificate at Kirwan State High School (Townsville). In 2014 Julyess returned back to Rockhampton to work at a local Indigenous organisation. Julyess specialised working in programs that supported local foster and kinship carers and then progressed to assist those facing Drug and Alcohol Issues. Currently Julyess is a full time Mental Health Trainee at Wakai Waian Healing and also works casually at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.

Julyess is currently studying a Cert IV in Mental Health through Gallang Place. After completing his Cert IV in Mental Health, Julyess has aspirations to further his studies to one day become a specialist Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Counsellor or Physiologist to pursue his passion of enhancing the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous People and he hopes these qualifications will contribute to that.

Simone Giles

Mental Health Worker

Simone was born in Bundaberg, she is a descendant of the Wakka Wakka people. Simone completed year 12 at Emmaus College and has been working within community services since graduating high school. Simone is passionate about the health and wellbeing of her community and would like to continue her education and knowledge in the Mental Health sector, with a vision of one day becoming a social worker.

Currently Simone is a full-time Mental Health Worker with Wakai Waian Healing and has completed her Certification IV in Mental Health and PDSMS program. She is furthering her studies by undergoing a degree in Counselling.

Kristina House

Administration Officer

Kristina was born and raised in Rockhampton, Central Queensland and is a descendant of the traditional landowners of the Rockhampton area, the Dharumbal people. Her totem is the Buderoo (Green Tree Frog) Kristina is the granddaughter of local community elder Ethel Speedy.

Kristina attended Berserker Street State School for her primary education years and graduated from Emmaus College in 2014 with a Certificate II in Business. Kristina has since obtained a Certificate III in Business and Business Administration.

During Kristina’s time at Wakai Waian Healing, she has completed her Certificate IV in Mental Health and the WWH PDSMS Program.

Kristina has a willingness to further her learning while demonstrating empathy, compassion and a professional approach to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in her community.

What We Offer

We offer a range of direct Psychologist, Counsellor and Mental Health Worker services via a range of flexible and effective modes of delivery including, in-office, outreach (i.e., home visits, chosen community location) or technology facilitated methods (i.e., Teleconference/Videoconference).

These services provide assistance to individuals, families and groups across the lifespan and variety of ages, experiencing a broad range of issues including;

  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Perinatal and Post-natal depression and anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Stress and coping
  • Anger management
  • Life adjustment difficulties
  • Health-related distress and adjustment
  • Chronic disease and health management
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Communication and assertiveness challenges
  • Relationship and family issues (including Family and Domestic Violence matters)
  • Parenting
  • Workplace issues
  • Suicidal, self-harming at risk behaviours
  • Addictions and substance misuse (eg substances and gambling)

The Wakai Waian Healing team is well-practiced in a range of specialist structured interventions using evidence based therapies therapeutic approaches, which are strength focused and trauma informed. The therapeutic approaches delivered acknowledge the principles of cultural relevance and holistic healing and apply combination of Western Methodologies and Indigenous healing perspectives. As a service WWH seeks to find a balance between clinical and cultural governance.

Psychologists: Our Psychologists focus on formal assessment, identification of needs and strengths, analysis and formulation and the delivery of focused psychological strategies and Psychotherapies. WWH Psychologist’s maintain full registration with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), are registered as providers of psychological services under Medicare and are associated with the Australian Psychology Society. Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics.

Counsellors: Our Counsellors maintain a minimum equivalent of Diploma level formal qualifications in Counselling. They focus on the assessment and clarification of issues, the identification of options and strategies and the delivery of talk-based therapies.

Mental Health Workers: Our Mental Health Workers maintain a minimum of Certificate IV in Mental Health and have completed the workforce enhancement Professional Development, Mentoring and Self Care (PDSMS) Program and on many occasions also possess several other formal qualifications and a range of life experience and wisdom. Our Mental Health Workers provide direct support with the screening, assessment and delivery of therapeutic interventions, psychoeducation, and group facilitation. Our Mental Health Workers enhance the continuity of care and responsiveness of WWH Services. The enhance our flexibility and thus ability to be responsive to community needs. In addition to providing specialist Mental Health/Social and Emotional Wellbeing services these workers are proposed to provide social and cultural support, including access to traditional healers, promotion of cultural identity.

Fees and Charges

Wakai Waian Healing maintains philosophy that all humans have the right to receive quality, consistent and sustainable mental health and social and emotional wellbeing services.  In order to support this view we have apply a fee structure that most appropriately meets the financial and social positioning of the consumer. As we also operate within a regulated service system there are limitations but also benefits across the range of circumstances for our consumers. Fee’s, rebates, type of service and number of services, on many occasions will depend on the type of referral received

Our staff are registered with both Medicare and Private Health Insurance companies to enable clients to receive rebates and funding where applicable. Medicare or private health fund rebates will usually be available if you have an eligible referral from your treating General Medical Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Paediatrician. Bulk billing services available to people with a current health care or pension card.

As a Member of the Australian Psychologist Society on occasions we apply the standard recommended fee’s for respective service types.


The Australian Psychological Society (APS) sets a recommended fee for a variety of psychological services (view the APS recommended fee here). (Insert Link Here) Many of Wakai Waian Healings private fees can  lower than the APS recommended fee. As of 1 July 2019, the following is a guide to our private fees:

        Initial individual consult (60–90mins)               $230

        Follow-up individual consult (50–60mins)        $180

        Short Individual consult (20–40mins)               $130

Please note that payment will be requested on the day of service, except for pre-approved third party (e.g., Work Cover, EAP, and CTP) claims where the third party is billed directly.  Fees are payable by cash, credit, or EFTPOS and are subject to change without notice.  


Services provided by our experienced specialist Counsellors are charged at the following rates;

 Initial individual consult (60–90mins)- $180

 Follow-up individual consult (50–60mins) – $140

 Short Individual consult (20–40mins)- $110

Please note that Counsellor services are not eligible for Medicare Rebates. Payment will be requested on day of service.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Workers

Services provided by our specialist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Workers are charged at the following hourly full block rates:

Individual Therapeutic Support Services: $100 per hour

Family Therapeutic Supports: $120 per hour

Please note that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Worker services are not eligible for Medicare Rebates. Payment will be requested on day of service.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare Rebates (Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative) are provided when the individual is referred to our Psychology services by their General Medical Practitioner (GP), Psychiatrist or Paediatrician, along with a completed Mental Health Care Plan as part of the Federal Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Services Initiative. Plans are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of referral. Individuals referred in the above way are eligible for up to 10 rebated appointments per calendar year. Individuals can be eligible for rebates between $60.10 and $106.55. There are a variety of other rebates that individuals and groups may be eligible for, these can be found at Medicare Benefits Schedule.

You do not need a referral from your medical specialist to make an appointment.  However you do need a referral letter and a mental health care plan from your GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician should you wish to attend under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health initiative and receive a rebate.

Processing: Consumers pay the full session fee to Wakai Waian Healing on day of appointment. Once received, we will provide you the receipt for claiming with either Medicare. With Medicare Rebates, the receipt can either be lodged online, via their app, or at any Medicare office in Australia. The refund is processed directly into your nominated account.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Depending on your level of cover many private health funds provide a rebate for psychological care.  Please contact your health fund directly to find out what level of rebate you may be eligible for.

Processing: Consumers pay full fee on the day of consultation and the receipt can be lodged online, via your providers app, or at any branch for your provider. The refund is processed into your nominated account.

Bulk Billing Services

As a community focused organisation we believe that everyone deserves to opportunity to access support and healing services. Consistent with this WWH offer a bulk billing service for those that are eligible for a Health Cared Card. In order to access the bulk billing service consumers are required to have a  referred by their treating General Medical Practitioner (GP), Psychiatrist or Paediatrician, who will need to provide a completed Mental Health Care Plan as part of the Federal Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Services Initiative. There are a variety of other bulk billing services that individuals and groups may be eligible for, these can be found at Medicare Benefits Schedule.

Organisation/Staff Wellness and Enhancement Services

Quotes and costings for this service are via negotiation between host sites and WWH.

Due to the nature and specific focus of this service type, it has demonstrated to produce elevated levels of cost savings across a number of organisation budget line items.

Requests for further information or questions on this service type can be sent to: Edward Mosby (Principal Psychologist-Wakai Waian Healing), Mobile: 0477012836 or email: edwardmosby@wakai-waian.com.au

Telehealth Services

Currently only individuals whom are deemed to reside in Regional, Rural and Remote locations are eligible for Medicare Rebates for online services (telehealth) under the Better Access to Psychologists – Mental Health Care Plan program based on referral from your doctor.

To check if you are eligible based on location, please visit http://www.doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/MMM_locator and type in your location.

Areas with a MMM classification of four to seven which incorporate small country towns and remote locations, are eligible for rebates as of November 2017. If you need assistance with checking if you are eligible, give our Rockhampton Office on 1800 732 850. If your location is not eligible, we are still able to offer a service to you, however services are not eligible for rebate under the Medicare system. In these instances we would recommend using Private Health Rebates Private health rebates are available for all video conferencing sessions and the rebate will be determined by your extras cover with your individual private health insurer. Please check your entitlements with your provider.

Disability Support Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been set up as a new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. NDIS is the insurance that gives all Australian’s peace of mind. As we all know, disability could affect anyone and having the right support makes a big difference.

WWH is NOT a Registered NDIS provider however are eligible to provide services to those with a Case Managed Plan. As a case-managed plan, the participant has chosen an organisation to facilitate their service delivery. The case management provider will in conjunction with the participant identify the service required

identify and initiate contact with WWH to establish a service agreement. After services have been provided, WWH will invoice the organisation managing the participants plan.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you need to cancel your appointment, please provide 24 hours notice otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee of $90 for the session you have missed. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you provide 24 hours notice.  If you are late for your appointment and consequently have a shorter session you will be charged for a full session.  Please be aware that Medicare will not provide a rebate for any missed appointments.

Questions About Fees or Rebates

If you have any questions about the fees or if you are uncertain of your eligibility for a rebate please phone the practice manager or complete an online enquiry form.  We are happy to help.

Accessing our Service and Making a Referral

Sending Referrals

Regardless of who, a referral can be sent at anytime to Wakai Waian Healing Rockhampton Office Intake Services via the following:

Fax: 07) 4829 4011

Email: referralscq@wakai-waian.com.au

Postal: P.O. Box 4080, Rockhampton, QLD, 4700.

In person: Level 1, 8 Archer St, Rockhampton QLD 4700.

Once a referral is received the sending organization will be sent communications to indicate this. Our Intake and Referral Team meet weekly, following which the sending organisation will receive feedback as to if the referral will be accepted or otherwise.

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